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Independent Activity Sampling Studies

We offer a full activity sampling service, from set up to final presentation from an independent viewpoint. This service allows the client and their staff an impartial view of the current efficiency levels and will highlight where time is being lost on non-value added operations.
This service can be employed in all organisations including: 

Local government.
Service industries.
Clerical situations.

Activity Sampling Training Services

For those who wish to conduct their own in house samples, we provide an activity sampling training programme, either on or off site at your convienience.

Please click here or follow the links on the contact page for more information.


Welcome to

The activity sampling and work study reference site provided by Tye Management Services LTD.

This website provides a general overview of activity sampling and also provides information on how to conduct a sample and the statistical formula that should be followed to ensure the sample is accurate to accepted statistical tolerrance levels.

The activity sample is an invaluable tool that enables the user to assess the occurance of value added, non-value added and ineffective activities performed by the operator, team, department and the organisation as a whole, either seperately or during the same sample.

The activity sample is the general starting point for, showing where savings can be made, the allocation of the correct quantity of labour to the correct areas, the calculation of contingency allowances and for continuous improvement exercises.

A sample can be rated to adjust for different levels of effort and output from individual operators. This is known as a rated activity sample (RAS).

Please follow the links above for more detailed information on activity sampling.

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